Nasturtium is usually known for its pretty flowers, which vary in all kinds of colors. It is however also, a fully edible plant. You can eat the stem, leaves, and flowers. Why would you want to eat all parts of the plant? It is one of the spiciest plants out there, a very unique flavor.

This plant has a wild history.

Many cultures in South America have used it as a an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic. It is regarded as having a very high vitamin C, and was used as a measure to combat colds and flus. From ancient times to middles ages, it was used for a lot as an herbal remedy to problems. More scientific research is needed to validate a lot of this, but one thing that has been consistent is its high vitamin C helped in combatting scurvy throughout history.

Nasturtium is really delicious. It’s strong flavor-profile adds a unique flavor to meals. We love adding it to our morning breakfast with eggs, and especially to our salads. We have used them in soups, which added a significant peppery flavoring.