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These greens are delicious! You can add them to anything for a little healthy boost. My favorites so far are the broccoli, beet and salad greens. But there are so many more to try. And an added bonus, the owners are very friendly and super helpful!
Leslie Groenwoldt
Leslie Groenwoldt
Spira Farms is our go to for fresh micro greens! They have an amazing variety, take vital steps to ensure sustainable practices and care about their customers. We are working toward a circular economy and even put the compostable bag our microgreens came in into our composter today! Stop buying gross microgreens from the store and buy local!
Flourish Juice Co
Flourish Juice Co
We are so glad we discovered Spira Farms. We have the microgreens delivered every other week. Our favorites are spicy salad, broccoli, arugula and radishes. We add them to salads, breakfast or just eat them plain right of the container. Give them a try! So delicious.
Greg Mucha
Greg Mucha
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