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Let’s keep nutrition easy

We make your food local, sustainable and WAY more nutritious.

Growing Food in a City

At Spira Farms we grow food for our local community in Downtown Lemont, Illinois.

Chicagoland has a major problem in that we are a food desert, most of our food comes from out of state.

Produce especially is brought from out of state, and losses a ton of its nutrition getting to us. We grow microgreens indoors year-round to solve this problem.

What are Microgreens?

Baby plants that are up to 40x more nutritious than the adult. It’s so dense with nutrition it is easy for the whole family to get what they need.

Best part? These baby plants are ready to eat. Open the package and go. No need for preparation, just put it in the sandwich. Do you want to eat 3 lbs. of adult broccoli or 1oz of microgreen broccoli? The choice is easy.

These greens are delicious! You can add them to anything for a little healthy boost. My favorites so far are the broccoli, beet and salad greens. But there are so many more to try. And an added bonus, the owners are very friendly and super helpful!
Leslie Groenwoldt
Leslie Groenwoldt
Spira Farms is our go to for fresh micro greens! They have an amazing variety, take vital steps to ensure sustainable practices and care about their customers. We are working toward a circular economy and even put the compostable bag our microgreens came in into our composter today! Stop buying gross microgreens from the store and buy local!
Flourish Juice Co
Flourish Juice Co
We are so glad we discovered Spira Farms. We have the microgreens delivered every other week. Our favorites are spicy salad, broccoli, arugula and radishes. We add them to salads, breakfast or just eat them plain right of the container. Give them a try! So delicious.
Greg Mucha
Greg Mucha

Simplify your Families Needs

Nutritious, and sustainable.


How Nutritious?

1. Produce losses 30-50% of their vitamin C, and 44-80% of their anti-inflammatory properties getting to us from out of state. 

2. Make sure your food is fresh, we will bring it to you within 24 hours of harvest.


Sulforaphane is between 23-51x more potent in microgreen broccoli than the adult. Here’s what was found in studies:

  1. Prostate cancer patients that consumed 60mg of Sulforaphane daily had their cancer growth doubling time take 86% longer than those who didn’t take it. Meaning it grew significantly slower.
  2. In lab tests, sulforaphane was injected into breast cancer stem cells, to only watch the cancer disappear, the cancer cells were eliminated.



The containers and bags we bring you are made from plants. They are all compostable, and the practice is sustainable. They look and feel like plastic, but its really just corn and sugarcane.

Pesticide-Free and Local

Let’s get logistics out of the way. We don’t need lettuce from California. We can grow food here in Chicagoland year-round. It’s all indoors, so you know there is no pesticides. It’s easy when there are no bugs.

Broccoli Tacos

Think your friends will believe that’s broccoli on their food?

Meet the Boreks

When cancer hit the family in 2018, the Borek’s took action on what the doctors said – keep up your nutrition, and stay optimistic.

After researching about nutrition, it was discovered that all produce coming from out of state is no where near as nutritious as local. 

To solve for this, microgreens began growing in Chicagoland. Friends and family wanting the nutrition started asking for the microgreens as well, and shortly after that, Spira Farms was born. 

Where are these available?

Not only do we provide free delivery within 24 hours of harvest. We also provide them to your local grocery stores. Available at:

  • Spira Farms – At our Downtown Lemont Farm
  • Kramer Foods – Hinsdale
  • Hinsdale Fruit Store – Hinsdale
  • Casey’s Foods – Naperville
  • Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets – Naperville
  • Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets – Orland Park
  • Celina’s Fresh Market – Lemont
  • Peter Rubi Fresh Market – Plainfield
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