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Locally Produced Fresh Superfoods Dropped off Right to your Door.

Starting at $15 with Free Delivery

Up to 40x more Nutritious

Microgreens are incredibly nutritious. They are the compact version of the plant before it begins to spread its nutrients to the rest of the plant. This means you can eat less, and get way more nutrition.

No Plastics

It looks like plastic, it feels like plastic, but its actually made of plants. The containers and bags we provide will always be made from plants. No plastics, and all biodegradable.

No Pesticides or Fertilizers

With vertical farming, there is no need for chemicals that can be harmful to us. All we need is light, water, and soil to grow our seeds.

More Local, Better Anti-Inflammatories

All of our microgreens are harvested and delivered within 24 hours. If broccoli losses 40-80% of its anti-inflammatory properties when coming in from out of state, we need to make sure we are getting the nutrition we pay for from our foods by eating local.

Less Water, Less Energy, Less CO2 Emissions

Growing food locally comes at great advantages. Not only do we get fresher foods with more nutrition, we use far less energy in the logistics. Spira Farms grows its food in a controlled indoor environment, using 95% less water than traditional farming.

How do I use this stuff?

No steaming, no cutting, no pruning – no preparation. Microgreens are ready to consume right away. Microgreens pack all of the flavor you would expect from the plant, and pack way more nutrition all in a tiny package.

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On all orders to our local community

Fresh Produce

All greens are harvested within 24 hours of delivery

Sustainable Focus

No Plastic, No Fertilizer, All Local

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