Where do you deliver?

The below map is our farm location, and an approximation of our delivery region.

Are the microgreens organic?

  • We take great care to make sure our product is grown sustainably and follow the philosophy of organic growing however we are not certified organic. We purchase organic seed, and only add in light and water. No additives / pesticides are ever required, and are completely unnecessary since we grow indoors. We will explore this option in the future, as it is an expensive task our small farm cannot today afford.

How do deliveries work?

Deliveries will either be on Thursday or Friday depending on your location. We will let you know when we can bring your greens over text + email. They typically fall between 7AM-5PM

Sustainable? With those plastic containers?

  • They look like plastic, they feel like plastic but the containers and bags we provide have NO PLASTIC in them. If you ever see the recycle symbol with a 7 in the middle that means its made of PLA, a plant based material. Our packaging are made of plants, either corn or sugar cane. These are industrially compostable, throw them away, they are biodegradable not recyclable.

How long do the crops last?

  • Keep your product in the fridge, in the air tight container we provided. This will ensure it will hold for 2 weeks +.
  • Do be mindful produce losses its nutrition in time, the faster you eat it the more nutrition you receive.
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