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🥦 The New, The Upcoming, The Adventure

Hello there!👋

Like putting on a fresh pair of socks, talking about local foods makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Let’s go!

First and foremost, new product coming in for grilling season – Mustard! Mustard is jam-packed with nutrition, very well known for being loaded with vitamin C. Did you know mustard plants taste like mustard? Mind-blowing, I know 🤯

Mustard is a favorite of ours during grilling season. Instead of adding mustard sauce to your burgers, try adding healthy mustard microgreens as an alternative to get your flavoring. Yes, it will taste different, because we aren’t adding any flavoring or sugar to it. Trust us that it’s delicious.

Want proof of mustard deliciousness? Subscribers if you have a delivery coming in this weekend we have a batch of mustard ready for you. Reply back to this email asking for it and we’ll bring you a FREE mustard microgreens (while supplies last) ready for the 4th of July holiday! 🌭

Official launch for Mustard on our website will be next Wednesday!

Mustard Microgreens

Homer Glen Farmers Market!

Spira Farms is going to the Homer Glen Farmer’s Market this year, and it’s starting July 7th, and will be every other week at Heritage Park. We’ll be there passionately displaying our microgreens, excited to have a market so close to home!

With the farm becoming more developed in our Downtown Lemont location, we are starting to add in a LOT more microgreens into our mix. We have our new adventurous product available on our site, where we bring random microgreens to you weekly. Guess where our new products are first being launched? Only on The Adventurous.


  1. Audrey Vlasvich

    Are you hiring for any part time positions?

    1. We are looking for help but dont have anything formal out there. If your interested please shoot me an email at

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