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Hello there!👋

This is the Spira Farms newsletter. Where we beet away the bad habits of food we inherited. We also do not beet puns to death.

I am writing this at my parents house today. My mom is a bit ill from her chemo, but she has our dog laying on top of her keeping her warm, and were both sipping on coffee.

Today we are going to talk about:

  • How beets spark joy ⚡⚡

How Beet’s Spark Joy ⚡⚡

It’s Christmas time, and for my family we have a staple food – Barscz (pronounced Bar-sh-ch) otherwise known as beet soup🍲 . For many not accustomed to Polish culture it’s a weird food. My dad LOVINGLY always tells people who are trying it for the first time “yeah it looks like blood”🫠 … We don’t get much company. It is genuinely delicious and worth a try if you get the chance, especially home-made.

Beet’s aren’t a common food in American culture. There’s either a ‘yuck’ or a ‘I love beets’ when I talk about it. Leading me to believe those on the yuck side haven’t tried it enough.

Why eat beet? They are tasty but that’s not really the driving point to me on why they should be eaten. We make sure my mom who is battling cancer consumes beet regularly because 👇

  1. Anti-inflammatories in beets are incredible for helping combat obesity, heart disease, liver disease, and cancers
  2. Digestive health – we are dealing with gastrointestinal cancer, and consuming plant fiber REALLY helps many of the problems we deal with.
  3. Rich in vitamins and minerals, one standout I talk about ALOT is magnesium because it is a constant problem for American’s due to diet.
  4. and finally it can make us ENERGIZED ⚡⚡
    1. Beets have nitrates that promote the efficiency of mitochondria in our cells.
      1. Mitochondria produces energy, which means we produce energy better 💪💪

Merry Christmas! 🎅🤶

Wishing everyone a memory-filled fantastic Christmas. Cait and I will be preparing dinner for the family on Christmas eve, and you KNOW its going to full of fresh microgreens, mushrooms, and lettuces. 🌱🥬🍄

I am really excited to prepare food for the family that is going to be so fresh, and high quality products. It makes people think I can actually cook food when the ingredients are fresh 🧑‍🍳

We’ll also be preparing varieties of fish, and as I said BEET SOUP! 🍲🐟

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