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This is the Spira Farms newsletter. Like sunshine breaking through the clouds, were here to brighten your mood 🌻

Today we are going to talk about 👇

  • Sunflower – the 60 second pitch 🌻
  • Upcoming events


Sunflower microgreens, one of our favorites are LOADED with all kinds of goodies. Here is why they seed-uced us👇

  1. Loaded with nutrition. You get a lot out of a little
    1. Calories: 31
    2. Fat: 0.8g (1%)
    3. Saturated fat: 0.1g (1%)
    4. Carbohydrates: 5.9g (2%)
    5. Fiber: 2.1g (8%)
    6. Sugar: 1.6g
    7. Protein: 3.1g (6%)
    8. Vitamin A: 20%
    9. Vitamin C: 30%
    10. Vitamin E: 12%
    11. Calcium: 9%
    12. Iron: 10%
    13. Magnesium: 9%
    14. Manganese: 23%
    15. Phosphorus: 10%
    16. Potassium: 11%
    17. Zinc: 13%
  2. Contain Essential Fatty Acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 ❤️‍🩹
    1. Anti-Inflammatories that reduce inflammation, and promote overall health.
  3. Vitamins A,C and E have anti-inflammatory properties 💪
    1. Vitamin E is especially good for protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals and reducing inflammation.
  4. Phytochemicals 🤺
    1. Flavonoids – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancerous properties help protect cells and maintain health.
    2. Phenolic Acids – Reduce inflammation and protect against chronic diseases
    3. Carotenoids – Support eye health and reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

They are incredibly easy to use, throw it into a bowl, add some some cheese, granola, or other forms of protein and bam you have a salad. You can even keep it easy, and just add it to the side of a plate. 🥗

All of this combined into one, sunny package. That’s why we love it. Many different great vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatories that keep us happy. 

Event Season

On April 23rd, Event season officially began for us at the Frankfort Farmers Market. Were adding on a few more events every weekend for 2023 starting the first weekend of June! 🗓️

Also, we will be working on getting more pop ups at the store on Fridays that will benefit the community, thinking fresh locally grown foods would be pretty cool? Stay tuned. 🤞

On June 3rd, we reenter the Naperville Farmers Market. It will take place every Saturday until November. The market runs at 7am-12pmOn June 4th, we will reenter the Plainfield Farmers Market every Sunday. This market runs from 11am-3pm.

We will continue to be working the Frankfort market all year, Cait and I will be dividing and conquering on Sundays to get to everywhere we need to be. We may be getting the help of a few smiling faces as well!

See you at the Markets! ✌️
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