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Guess What’s Available Now? 🍔

Hello there!👋

Like my grill last weekend, I always feel like I am on 🔥 talking about local foods.

Today were going to talk about:

  • New Product Release
  • Farmers Market Reminders

Mustard is out!

Grilling season is here!

To compliment your favorite foods, avoid the sauce. Tell your friends that on their bun is actually locally grown mustard. A handful of these plants give a fresh taste, and shortly after the mustard flavoring kicks in. Avoid the sugary yellow sauce, try the nutritious green plant instead.

Want to get some mustard? It is now available on The Bundle. Subscribers can now add it to their regular order, or just let us know by replying back to this email and we can add it in for you.

Mustard Microgreens

Farmers Market Updates!

✌️Two things!

  1. Naperville Farmers Market is hosting a Verry Berry Summer Fest. 🍓
    1. Most booths are giving away from farmers market swag (insulated bag!) and some other goodies through a raffle. For us, were giving away microgreens and our favorite smoothie recipe + 3 greens.
    2. Homer Glen Farmers Market kicks off this week!
      1. Thursday July 7th 3-7PM! Hope to see you there!
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