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I hope you find this…Radishing..😁

Radish, its spicy. Especially in it’s microgreen form. Microgreens have a tendency to be MORE of the flavor you’d expect from the plant than the adult plant. I don’t have research explaining as to why our senses get more flavoring from these little greens but I like to think that it’s because there are many plants in the little container we get.

I am always on the look out for research on microgreens🔬. There is a lot out there, but it’s not always easy to find. I wanted to share some academic findings I thought were great on radish, I get more excuses to eat more.

Radishes are one of the healthiest plants we can consume. They are known for being especially high in vitamins C, K, E, and Carotenoids💊.
These vitamins are awesome for a variety of reasons, including improving our immune system. I have no scientific backing of this, but I have not gotten COVID, and as a microgreens business owner I definitely like to believe microgreens contributed 😂.

More Radishing Facts 👇

Radishes also carry of this cool stuff 🤩
Vitamins A and B6
Essential Amino Acids
Dietary Fiber
Since we have been eating microgreens raw (predominately), we also get this very amazing property called glucosinolates. Many plants have it, and Radish is rich in it! It helps ward off bacterial, viral and fungal infections in our digestive tract. What excites me most is what it does to our cells. Glucosinolates help our cells restore themselves 🩺 . There are a few great studies I’ll leave below that show statistical evidence of reductions in certain cancers from consuming foods high in glucosinolates. Patients consuming high glucosinolates showed a 17-23% reduction in lung. colorectal, breast, kidney, esophageal, and oropharyngeal (mouth and throat) cancers. 

Radish Research
Glucosinolates are awesome
Glucosinolates are awesome 2

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