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Taco Tuesdays are Back! 🌮

Hello there!👋

This is the Spira Farms newsletter. Bringing the best of local foods together to make the best tacos you’ve ever had.

Today were going to talk about:

  • New Product Release
  • Farmers Market Notification
  • Farm Tour

Do you prefer Cilantro or Coriander?

Going to share some ignorance here. 😐

Most of my life I thought Cilantro and Coriander were different plants. They are not. If you are learning this for the first time too, maybe just pretend you always knew (that’s my plan moving forward 😂).

We had some family friends visit from London awhile back, and of course I am talking about microgreens with them. We had a mix up because across the pond, they call Cilantro, ‘Coriander’. We looked it up to find that it’s simply called different things there. Turns out, in North America we call the leaves of the plant Cilantro, and the seed Coriander. Whereas everywhere else in the world it is the opposite.

Whether Cilantro / Coriander or Miles / Kilometers, for better or worse I am sticking to my roots until I can’t handle the bullying 😬. At least we don’t measure weight in stones!

So anyways! The most flavorful version of Cilantro plant is now back on our site! We took it off for a few months as we ran into spacing problems. When we had 400 sq. feet to grow in, and the plant took twice as long to grow as broccoli we held it off for a bit. Now its back in all its glory, and I get my Taco Tuesdays back.😍

Micro Cilantro

Farmers Market Updates!

Three things!

  1. Naperville Farmers Market
    1. We are taking a mental health weekend and hitting the road for a few days. We will not be at Naperville Farmers Market this Saturday
  2. Plainfield Farmers Market
    1. While we will be gone this weekend, there actually is no Plainfield Farmers Market this weekend. Plainfield fest is this weekend cancelling the market.
  3. Hinsdale Farmers Market
    1. Were back in action Monday morning just as always.

Farm Tour July 2022

I made a small video to show our current farm in Downtown Lemont, can be found on Tik tok or Instagram. I plan on sharing more about our progress and some of our farm life as we move on in these channels.

For some context, we moved into this space on May 15th. Fully moved in by May 28th and then had 3 farmers markets immediately the next weekend. With myself working full time and working all of these events it has been a slow and steady progression. Can’t wait to share and act on some of our major projects! 🤩

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