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The Grand Opening 🥳

Hello there!👋

This is the Spira Farms newsletter. This is the best newsletter about local foods. Were here to give you the same feeling as the smell of hot coffee in the morning.. Mmm…

Today we are going to talk about:

  • The Grand Opening 🥳
  • So what’s next?
Spira Farms Grand Opening

The Grand Opening


That.. was.. AMAZING! 🎉

Cait and I had many early morning and late nights to put together the store. To get the pay off we did was an amazing feeling. I find myself now awoken from bed at 4am writing this out of sheer excitement from the energy we received from everyone. Crash later? Yup, but for now WOO! 😵

We were able to share our vision with everyone for the future of the store. Today, we have deli-style microgreens, organic mushrooms, premium granola, and premium olive oil to make the ultimate nutritious salad. Down the road we want to improve on that formula of sustainability, by powering the farm with solar panels 🌞, supporting more local sustainable products, and even create what I call the ‘refill station’. In Europe many markets have refill stations for soaps, shampoos, where you bring a container and a dispenser fills it with what you need. We are doing that with microgreens now, but why don’t we have more of that here? 🤔 We’ll see what we can find.

What’s Next

Fungi coming your way 🍄 (mushrooms not me).

The store has been a phenomenal place to bring in new products, and nerd out about local foods. However, were always working on improving what we do best, which is bringing local, fresh foods right to your door. We will be adding in mushrooms to our website soon, allowing freshly harvested locally grown organic mushrooms to be dropped off along side your microgreens. These mushrooms are already available at the store, and will soon be available at More to come after 😉

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  1. So excited to se a store open like this. Will definitely be visiting. Best of luck to you and your family.

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