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The New New 🤔

Hello there!👋

This is the Spira Farms newsletter. This is the best newsletter about local foods. News so fresh it even surpasses our 24 hour fresh delivery standard.

We welcome the 200 new members that are following our journey this week! 🥳🎈🎉

Today we are going to talk about:

  • What’s the New New
  • Store Updates

The New New

Store Opening ✅

Next? 🤔

First full week of the store is done! Were still working on making the experience better (Why did the store fridge stop working….) and have a lot of plans in that direction, but that is just a part of business as usual now!

We have a LOT of big plans coming here soon 🚀. We are putting together infrastructure to test out new products, meeting others to identify partnership opportunities for more cool local foods, connecting with stores to make products more available to the larger community and more. With winter coming, means less events, which means we have far more time to get put together all the requests we’ve gotten from you.

Available today we have released all of the products we had in-store for deliveries! That means Organic Mushrooms, Premium locally produced granola, and that sweet cold extracted Kornoeiki Olive Oil can be dropped off to you when you need it.

All the new products are available at the shop now, which if you click here you’ll get teleported to.

Store Updates

Cait at the new store!

Current state of the store:
Open Tuesday – Thursday 11am-5pm

Next Incremental Update to Store Hours:

Starting October 10th

Monday – Thursday 11am-6pm

We are actively working on growing out our team, which gives us the bandwidth to be more available! Starting October 10th we will be adding on Monday, and another hour of the store for availability.

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