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The Origin Story 🥦

Let me tell you a story 📗

When we started growing microgreens, it’s intention was to solve a few different problems. The first was, we had cancer in the family and this was a way to make sure we were properly contributing to getting the nutrition we needed. Second, I loved the idea of sustainability, and solving the problems in food logistics contributes to many of the problems we have in the world.

When we started, I had little to no experience at the time. The road to a green thumb came with a graveyards of plants behind me ☠. I wanted to do things cheap, sustainably, and of course we wanted the nutrition. I ended up finding a book on the topic, and followed a formula to have a fresh salad every single day.

I bought some aluminum backing pans, seeds, and soil. I put soil in the pan, put the seeds on top of the soil, did a light watering, and put a soaked paper towel on top of those greens 👨‍🌾. I then as instructed put them in a dark place for 4 days and completely ignored them. (Pro Tip: Don’t do this in a kitchen cabinet consistently unless you want some water damage.)

It worked 🏆! Our first greens started pushing the paper towel up as you can see below. Those greens were probably 3-4 days old at the time. After that, I simply put them in the light for another 3-4 days.

Microgreens in blackout

After the first batch, we had our first fresh microgreen salad. We were hooked. We started planting, and harvesting microgreens every day to make sure we can get a fresh salad every day. Below you can see we had the far greens ready for harvest, and the closer ones probably had a few days before we would cut them. It was an endless cycle.

Microgreens on our windowsill

We reused the soil in each container a few times, then I would put the waste into a vermicomposter where I would have worms create new soil for me to use in the future (outside garden soil, I was NOT great at vermicomposting and we had pests). My tomatoes were happy.

Growing produce doesn’t have to be a calculated, technological endeavor. I do personally enjoy building automated systems, but we can contribute in all kinds of ways to making a better world, and local fresh foods is a great way to do that. Each of those containers probably cost about a dollar to put together, which became a really cheap incredibly healthy salad in 7-10 days. I saved myself plenty of trips to the grocery store, helped my wallet out a bit 💰

I was able to supply a family of four daily, through winter by growing 3 varieties of plants daily. The process took about 10 minutes a day. Over time, more friends and family wanted more greens. I started realizing, that I had solved our nutrition problem, and I can scale up and contribute towards a more sustainable future for our community.

That is the story of how Spira Farms began.

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