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🚵‍♂️ For the Adventurous

Time for an Adventure.

We have been long requested to create a product that will allow trying all of the microgreens. Well the Adventure has arrived. We have two new product offerings at Spira Farms ready for you!

We made some slight changes in our shop to account for the new products.

Product Name Change – The Bundle. This is the same product we have always had but with a new branding. The only change on this product is that there is now an option to choose The Adventurous within it. Meaning you can pick the greens you want and get something wild. Starting at $15 for One time orders / Subscriptions

New Additions:

  • The Mix 🥗
    • We get asked a lot what are our favorite greens, nutritionally and for use.
    • The mix contains a pack of Broccoli and Sunflower, personal favorites of mine and is nutritionally diverse.
    • Starting at $10 Subscription Only
  • The Adventurous 🚵‍♂️
    • Start your adventure, try a different set of the microgreens we grow every delivery. The Adventure is for those that are interested in trying out all that Spira Farms has to offer.
    • Starting at $10 Subscription Only

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