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This is the Spira Farms newsletter. Were here to give you the same excited feeling you get when the ice cream truck is coming your way. 🍨🍦

Today we are going to talk about πŸ‘‡

  • Major changes to our store
  • Want compost for your garden?

Big Store Changes πŸͺ

The Spira Farms store opened it’s doors 9/20/2022. Previous to this, we were strictly an online business.

Spira Farms Store Opening
We experimented a number of things to make the store fit with the community, expanding offerings, hours and more. When November 2022 hit, our personal lives started hitting us pretty hard and we had to divert much of our attention away from the store, it became neglected.

With the help of the team, we kept the store on in a ‘keep the lights on mode’. Not making changes but not making large contributions to it. We loved the community that was forged at the store.

Now that we are able to really look at the business properly, we see that we need to make significant changes. The store unfortunately is not working financially.

We are going to be making the following change:
– We will only be open on Fridays, 11am-5pm.

We do not want to be a grocery store, we want to be a source of freshness. Being open all week required having produce sit there all week, getting old. This did not align with our values.Β Being open only on Friday means we have fresh product available that day. Additionally, this opens us up to focus on the side of the business that is viable.

We hope this change does not impact the community negatively. πŸ™‡

Want compost for your garden?Β  πŸ§‘β€πŸŒΎπŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ

The more I get into gardening and farming, the more I realize how wrong people were about oil. It is not black gold, black gold is poop (just don’t take that literally you are not going to have a good time selling it).

Compost is incredible fertilizer for your garden, and microgreen waste is loaded with it. Peas for example extract nitrogen out of the air, and put it right into the soil. 

We have been using the compost for our gardens, and nearby farms to fertilize their lands. We are going to start opening up our compost to everybody so you can have black gold for your plants.

If your interested in getting compost for yourself, we have a calendar below where you can sign up. 

This is BYOB (Bring your own buckets) event. The compost will be either in the trays we grow the product in, or in a 27 gallon container. If you are interested in compost please click the link below to book your time!

Click here to sign up for a pickup of compost

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