The Microgreens Master Guide for Eating

Micro in size, macro in flavor. 🧑‍🍳

There is a reason why many chefs look for microgreens in their dishes. They not only look great as a garnish, but have very rich and different flavors.

Kale is a classic example of a microgreen that has really different flavor compared to its adult version. Microgreen Kale is super mild, unlike its bitter adult counterpart. For many such as myself, that is a PURE win because it makes my smoothies so much tastier (and healthier!). 🥬

After so many years of eating the greens, it was time to compile our favorite ways of eating the greens. 🥗

All greens are delicious, but they fit into our meals differently. We have found that the milder greens typically are easier to fit anywhere, as especially kids have a much easier time eating broccoli compared to spicy radish. 

This list is our experience, and definitely does not reflect everyone’s experience or preferences:

Microgreens Master FoodGuide
Microgreens Master Food Guide

These are just the way our family likes to use these greens, and from the many we have spoken to in the community. 

There are unlimited ways to use these foods, getting creative is part of the fun.

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